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By N. Purdie, Harry G. Brittain

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Positive aspects certain features of round dichroism and examines the way it could be of counsel to staff within the box. The textual content discusses the actual phenomena linked to dissymmetric compounds which offer upward push to the round dichroism impact, and reports the instrumentation to be had.

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Thus Pockels cells have very limited optical apertures. An alternate approach based on photoelastic modulation has recently been developed and this method has replaced electro-optical modulation in most CD instrumentation [ 11,121. Photoelastic modulators take advantage of the birefringence created when isotropic materials are subjected to a pressure induced strain. In a typical photoelastic modulator, a piezoelectric transducer is mounted to the sides of a fused silica block. Application of a voltage to the transducer creates a pressure induced strain in the silica, and the amount of retardation can be varied depending on the voltage supplied to the transducer.

As configured at the present, detection is limited to a single excitation wavelength determined by the available output lines from the laser source. More general application must await the development of suitable laser sources with stable output lines in the UV and the good beam spatial characteristics needed to facilitate efficient focusing of the excitation radiation into the small probe volume required for detection in CE. 2 Lifetime-Resolved Fluorescence-DetectedCD McGown and co-workers have recently described a new instrumental approach for FDCD measurements that is capable of individually resolving multiple chiral fluorophores in complex mixtures [31-331.

The slits are parallel to the CCD pixel rows and each slit has a width that is 82% of the row width. From ref. [ 151. For a given CCD array, one dimension, (such as the vertical plane), could be used to define distinct wavelength regions. Intensity information for a given wavelength interval for the two, oppositely polarized states would then be alternately stored in the exposed and unexposed regions defined by the CCD mask. After readout of the two planes in the CCD array, the CD information could be obtained from the integrated exposure information in the two image planes as accomplished conventionally.

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