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By F Gordon A Stone; Robert West

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E. Weiss, R. Merenyi, and W. Hubel, Chem. Ber. 95,1155 (1962). 116. I. Wender, R. A. Friedel, R. Markby, and H. W. Sternberg,J. A m . Chem. SOC. 77, 4946 (1955). 117. H . W. Sternberg, R. A. Friedel, R. Markby, and I. Wender,J. A m . Chem. SOC. 78, 3621 (1956). 118. A. A. Hock and 0. S. Mills, Acta Cryst. 14, 139 (1961). 119. D. A. Brown,J. Inorg. Nucl. Chem. 11,9 (1959). 120. J. R. Case, E. R. H. Jones, N. V. Schwarz, and M. C. Whiting, Proc. Chem. SOC. p. 256 (1962). 46 R. PETIT & G. F. EMERSON 121.

The material which does not contain sulfur is found to be identical to one of the products obtained upon reaction of acetylene with iron carbonyl, for which the binuclear structure (LVIII) has been proposed (38, 54, 75). (COh (CO)aFe-Fe(C0)3 “\s’ Fe I R (cob (LVI I I) (LIW In this connection it is interesting that divinyl sulfide and other vinyl sulfides of the type R-S-CH=CH2 react with Fe3(C0)12to form complexes of the composition (RSCH=CH2) Fe2C06for which the structural formula (LIX) has been advanced.

Thus, as shown in Eq. Likewise, as shown in Eq. 8, an aldehyde function reacts normally with Grignard reagents and with NaBH4 (32). HsCq-COOC2H5 Fe (CO)3 (LXIX) NaOH +H3Cq - C O O H / Fe (COh (7) (XIV) H3Cm C H O H C H 3 Fe (CO)3 CHaMgBr H 3 C q - C H O Fe \ NaBH4 H3Cq-CHcOH Fe Oxidative reactions pose a difficulty in view of the ready collapse of the Fe(C0)3 group under such conditions. Treatment of the complexes with such ions as Fe3+or Ce4+causes ready decomposition with liberation of the ligands.

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