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E. 8) The shear flow in the section is shown in Fig. 25, where the magnitude and directions of the arrows are intended to give a measure of the magnitude and direction of the intemal resisting shearing stresses. 25. Shear llow in thin-walled curved section. e. dd :,^. o, z Jo lRrf . WALLED CURVED SECTION WTIH FLANGES Determine the shear centre position for the thin-walled section of Fig. 26, which is of uniform thickness t. Fig. X26. Curved section with flanges. 10). / . rr-, "fl Ch. ol. -"2 Fr:0'14F to bending.

6. Rectangular section under a shearing forco F Ch. 1 VERTICAL SHEARING STRESS DISTRIBUTION IN A RECTANGULAR SECTION Calculate and sketch the vertical shearing stress distdbution in a horizontal beam of rectangular section, subjected to a transverse vertical shearing force F, as shown in Fig. 6. 1), vertical shearing stress at any point y from NA (Fig. 7) FlvdA bI arl Fig. 7. Rectangular section. Now, I : BD3l12 and for this case, b:B Therefore, l) xF I Dl2 r:--^. 3) can be seen to vary parabolically, having a maximum value at NA, and being zero at the top and bottom.

Consider an elemental length "dx" of the beam, as shown in Fig. 2(a). Consider the sub-element of Fig. 1. Beam subjected to vertical loads. 2. Beam element unde. shearing force. the same figure, which is shown shaded. Let the stress on th€ left of the of Fig. 2(b) be o, and the stress on the right of the sub-sub-element be o + do, due to M and M + dM, respectively. From Fig. e. the only way equilibriurn can be achieved is lor a longitudinal horizontal stress to act tangentially along the rectangular face ABCD.

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