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G.. e. a-t-yə... -af. "(His) friend had five geese... and he made his mother cook them, and he brought them to the lord" Cf. also źan "burn" (intransitive): ġa-źan "burn" (transitive): ġa-ġa-źan "make someone burn". Case assignment with causative verbs is typologically very unusual46. The case of the arguments in a causative construction is not determined by that verb, which is always transitive, but by the verb from which the causative verb is derived. If this verb is intransitive and has only one argument, its only argument will be marked for the nominative, while the causer will be marked for the ergative, as in the previous example.

Odnoličnye neperexodnye glagoly), while intransitive verbs with two expressed arguments take the prefix 0- for the person in the nominative. Intransitive verbs with a preverb do not have the prefix ma- in the present tense, cp. ma-da(r) "(s)he is sewing", but q'-aw-k'wa "(s)he is coming" (where q'- is a directional preverb, and -aw- is a present tense marker of dynamic verbs). b) markers of the person which is in the ergative (person of the transitive subject and person of the indirect object): 1.

E. of the intransitive subject or object). TRANSITIVITY Verb valency is the number of arguments needed to complete the meaning of the verb in question. Verbs can be avalent (e. g. it is raining – this verb is in English syntactically monovalent, but semantically avalent, since no thematic role is assigned to "it"), monovalent (e. g. I am sitting), bivalent (e. g. I am hitting an enemy), trivalent (e. g. I am giving a book to a friend), possibly also quadrivalent (e. g. I am buying a book from a friend for twenty pounds).

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