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By Jonathan Owens

ISBN-10: 0199563306

ISBN-13: 9780199563302

A Linguistic background of Arabic offers a reconstruction of proto-Arabic by way of the tools of historical-comparative linguistics. It demanding situations the normal conceptualization of an previous, Classical language evolving into the modern Neo-Arabic dialects. Professor Owens combines tested comparative linguistic method with a cautious analyzing of the classical Arabic assets, reminiscent of the grammatical and exegetical traditions. He arrives at a richer and extra advanced photo of early Arabic language background than is present this day and in doing so establishes the foundation for a entire, linguistically-based figuring out of the background of Arabic. The arguments are set out in a concise, case by way of case foundation, making it available to scholars and students of Arabic and Islamic tradition, in addition to to these learning Arabic and ancient linguists.

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Slagle, Uhlan Von. 1974. Language, Thought, and Perception: A Proposed Theory of Meaning. JL, Series maior 98. The Hague: Mouton. Talmy, Leonard. 1977. " Papers from the 13th regional meeting Chicago: CLS. 1978. 14-24. Univ. of Illinois at Urbana. Wellek, Albert. 1970. Witz-Lyrik· Sprache. Munich and B e r n : Francke. White, John J. 1976. 53-86. KUHNIAN PARADIGMS AS SYSTEMS OF MARKEDNESS CONVENTIONS James D. McCawley University of Chicago Thomas Kuhn's (1962) approach to scientific revolutions, normal science, and the other topics with which it deals is important because of the a t t e n t i o n t h a t it has given to the previously neglected fact t h a t science is carried out within communities and t h a t the paths along which science develops are heavily influenced by the ways in which those communi­ ties work.

4 Wells (1963: 45) cites another dispute over what is baby and what is b a t h w a t e r : 'This explains how the contro­ versy could go on as it did between the advocates of phonetic and the advocates of phonemic transcription: each transcription had an advantage, and its advocates prized t h a t advantage more than they prized the advantage of the opposite transcription'. It is interesting to note that Bloomf i e l d (1962: sec. 66) gave an exact analog to Halle's (1959) a r g u m e n t against the classical phonemic level, except that whereas Halle concluded t h a t a phonemic level should be r e j e c t e d , Bloomfield concluded t h a t a phonemic distinction should be recognized b e t w e e n segments that did not con­ t r a s t , so t h a t the a l t e r n a t i o n between them could be t r e a t e d as a single morphophonemic rule r a t h e r than split between a morphophonemic rule applying in one class of cases and an allophonic rule applying in a complementary class of cases.

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