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By T. Y. Lam

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MATHEMATICAL reports "This is a textbook for graduate scholars who've had an advent to summary algebra and now desire to examine noncummutative rig theory...there is a sense that every subject is gifted with particular ambitions in brain and that the best course is taken to accomplish those pursuits. the writer acquired the Steele prize for mathematical exposition in 1982; the exposition of this article can also be award-wining quality. even if there are numerous books in print that take care of a number of elements of ring thought, this ebook is extraordinary by way of its caliber and point of presentation and via its number of material....This e-book would certainly be the traditional textbook for a few years to come back. The reviewer eagerly awaits a promised follow-up quantity for a moment path in noncummutative ring theory."

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X,g^. l U We d e f i n e A (p) = x . . x ; t h e n g = A ( p ) g n . n I n U Note that if p is a closed path (beginning and ending at the same point 0g Q = 0g n ) then g Q Conversely, if w = x . x , and the relation A (p) = 1 holds in G. and w = 1 is a relation in G, and g n is arbi- trary, there is a unique closed path p at Og such that A (p) = w. The graph C divides the plane up into regions A , some square and some hexagonal, thus defining a tessellation D (dual to D ) . Suppose that a path p runs between points P and Q along an arc on one side of the boundary of a region A , and that p' is obtained from p by replacing this arc by the arc from P to Q running around the other side of A .

F F I We emphasize that F 3 and F are isomorphic as abstract groups but are not geometrically equivalent (that is, as subgroups of E ) , since F preserves 41 orientation while F 3 does not. There remains only the case that F contains a nontrivial rotation a. Again, x must generate T a ^ 1, we cannot have T 2. = T, and hence T = T. Thus x = x = T or T = X . Since , and a is a rotation of order We may now choose the axis t of x through the center 0 of a. If p' is any other rotation in F, then it also must have order 2, whence oo1 translation, oo' F = < x,a : a = x for some h, and a1 = ax .

Q 1 ,q 2 e Q and ni»n2 G N > then and n» = (n (q7 : Q —>• Aut N are given, then the set G of all ordered pairs (q,n) for q G Q, n G N, becomes a group under the multiplication (q ,n )(q ,n ) = (q_,n ) for q and n duct of N by Q. q G Q. as above, and G is isomorphic to a semidirect pro- G is a direct product if and only if q<|> = 1 for all Let N = C , Q = C , where p and q are primes; show that all semi- direct products G of N by Q are isomorphic if q does not divide p - 1, but not if q does divide p - 1.

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